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Your donation assists the StudentCPT in promoting and advancing ethics and leadership in education.

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NASBA Center for Public Trust
150 Fourth Avenue N., Ste 700
Nashville, TN 37219

University of New Mexico

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To promote ethical thinking in developing character and conscience of students

Greetings from the University of New Mexico chapter of the Student Center for the Public Trust!               

Many of our chapter members have enrolled in the NASBA CPT’s Ethical Leadership Certification Program, through support from the Daniels Fund. This program helps students “stand apart from the crowd” and understand the ethical challenges that can be faced in the real world.

Best regards,
Lauren Martinez
President UNM StudentCPT

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Student Center for the Public Trust

Chapter Advisor: Lucio Lanucara

Chapter President: Krystal Rose

Chapter Advisors:

reedj unm

Wellington Spetic ([email protected])            

Lecturer, Sustainable Business Management

 harry van buren Shawn Berman ([email protected])            

Professor, Business and Society