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Colorado State StudentCPT Hosts: Philosophy Meets Business Event

Recruiting students to attend chapter events is a common challenge that many student organizations face. The Colorado State University StudentCPT chapter recently implemented a new strategy to overcome this hurdle.

On December 2, the CSU StudentCPT collaborated with the CSU Philosophy club to present the lecture “Philosophy Meets Business.” By joining forces with another student organization on campus, the CSU StudentCPT sought to improve membership numbers and create better practices for marketing their events.

“It was truly an interesting night; the philosophy students showed a great deal of interest in business ethics. We learned that we all strive for upright moral conduct, but there is still a wide gap regarding agreed upon practices. The business students and philosophy students disagreed upon how positive change should be implemented, even though many of us assumed we would at least agree upon the fact that ethical practices in business can be a positive force.” – Becky Nelson, CSU StudentCPT President

The CPT encourages other StudentCPT chapters to collaborate with other student organizations to gain a different perspective on the best methods for identifying and resolving ethical dilemmas. After graduation, many students will work in diverse organizations, and these types of meetings can help students develop communication and conflict management skills that will enable you to be more effective leaders.

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