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University of Wyoming StudentCPT Hosts Movie Night

University of Wyoming StudentCPT Chapter Photos
On March 22, 2017, the University of Wyoming StudentCPT conducted a chapter meeting, where students watched a 30 minute film about Enron, which led into a discussion about the magnitude of the scandal, and how students would have reacted if they put themselves in the shoes of the Enron employees.

Students tried to determine whether or not they would have made better ethical decisions, if they had been under the same financial pressure, family stress, etc.

The chapter also discussed the upcoming StudentCPT Leadership Conference and held officer elections for the open interim Secretary position. Zachary Rauen was voted to serve as Secretary through the end of the school year. The meeting lasted from 6-7 p.m., and had 17 StudentCPT chapter members present, in addition to multiple guests.

Members in attendance included: Brandon Hinze, Brooke Grenier, Cole Bundy, Garek Desch, Haley Cates, Kaitlyn Suppes, Lee Hartley, Matthew Schlanger (President), Rebecca Donnelly, Rob Genell, Robert Jett, Sena Krula, Skyler Snodgrass (Vice President), Stefan Dangerfield, Taylor Tucker, Tess Stonehouse, Zachary Rauen (Secretary).

This meeting was also featured online here: