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University of Kentucky Hosts Honors, Integrity and Professionalism Event

UK 2017 H.I.P. Event

On October 20, 2017, the University of Kentucky StudentCPT hosted its annual Honors, Integrity and Professionalism event.

As part of this event, NASBA CPT Operations Director, Ryan Hirsch, served as a speaker and helped students understand why good intentions are not always enough to avoid becoming involved in ethical misconduct. Hirsch provided students will case examples of ethical dilemmas, challenged students to share how they would respond, then discussed the pros and cons of each response.

CPT Board Member, Cynthia Cooper, served as the keynote speaker for this event, and inspired students by sharing how she uncovered a $3.8 billion fraud, while leading the internal audit team at WorldCom.

The CPT is grateful to Michael Zhu, Ray Burgess, and Urton Anderson for inviting the CPT staff and board to participate in this event.