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Your donation assists the StudentCPT in promoting and advancing ethics and leadership in education.

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NASBA Center for Public Trust
150 Fourth Avenue N., Ste 700
Nashville, TN 37219

North Carolina A&T State University

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To promote ethical thinking in developing character and conscience of students

Greetings from the NC A&T Chapter of the Student Center for the Public Trust, better known as the NC A&T StudentCPT!

 Our chapter provides an interactive environment where ethical behaviors and ideas can flourish. To aid us in accomplishing this objective, we invite high-caliber guest speakers to engage with members in dialogue about ethical leadership, and how to apply various  principles, both now as students, and later in our professional careers.

 Further, we provide the opportunity to hear about challenges that professionals oftentimes face in their careers, and the necessary tools to help guide their decisions.

 Academics is simply one aspect of our education. Therefore, the NC A&T StudentCPT chapter invites you to join in our effort to further develop the character traits that will undoubtedly distinguish us as aspiring professionals, leaving a positive and lasting mark on our respective industries.

 To learn more about the NC A&T StudentCPT, join us for our next meeting, and see how you can become a part of our movement!

Best regards,
NC A&T StudentCPT

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Chapter Officers:

2016 SLC Attendee 2016 SLC Attendee
2017 SLC Attendee
2017 SLC Attendee
Janessa Harkley Aleckzandrya Jackson Erin Richards Brea Jones

Chapter Advisors:

Dr. Marka Fleming
CLICK HERE for Contact Information
Dr. Obasi Haki Akan
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