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Your donation assists the StudentCPT in promoting and advancing ethics and leadership in education.

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Fundraising Ideas


Portion of the Proceeds Nights

Partner with a restaurant near campus to organize a day when proceeds from purchases will be donated to your StudentCPT chapter. You can do this by approaching the restaurant in person and discussing opportunities or checking out lists of well-known chain restaurants that participate in fundraising events. You can also use GroupRaise to organize meals with local restaurants who will donate a pre-defined portion of the proceeds. Remember to advertise these opportunities to students, faculty, and staff on campus!

Car Wash

Raise funds and awareness for your StudentCPT chapter by hosting an on-campus car wash! Work with your chapter advisor to determine if it is feasible to use a parking lot or other public space to host the event (just make sure that you have easy access to running water). You can step your wash up a notch by including bike and dog washes as well.

Food Sales

Food sales are another great way to raise money and awareness for the StudentCPT. You can approach this type of fundraiser in a variety of ways by hosting a classic bake sale or planning something less traditional like a hot chocolate bar. Be sure to set up in a high-traffic area, such as the lobby of the library or the student union. Consider giving of “Ethical Leadership Tips” with each sale to promote your mission as well!

Cuffed for a Cause

Enlist several faculty and staff members on campus to agree to be put in “jail” one day on campus. Create a roped off spot in a popular spot on campus (the student union or dining hall, for instance). Students and other staff can then make donations to get the prisoners out of jail. Set a bail amount for each person in captivity.

Finals Survival Kits

Create “Finals Survival Kits” to sell to students during midterms or finals. Include snacks, energy drinks, water bottles, pencils, ear plugs, and anything else that will help students survive finals (hint: search Pinterest for lots of creative ideas!). Advertise these kits to professors and parents, who may be interested in purchasing the kits for their students.

Dinner with the Dean

Enlist the help of one of your school’s prominent administrators, such as a Dean or the President. Make it personal by having the notable guest host the dinner at his or her home. Cap the number of attendees and sell tickets to attend. You can also raffle off tickets for a chance to win a spot at the dinner.

Dress Down Day

Work with the HR department at your school to organize a “Dress Down Day.” You will raise funds for your StudentCPT chapter by charging a fee to faculty and administration in order to participate.

Battle of the Bands

Provide a platform for musicians at your school and raise money by hosting a Battle of the Bands event. Book a venue on campus or at a local restaurant and charge admittance or require bands to pay a contest entrance fee.

StudentCPT BBQ

Host a StudentCPT BBQ on campus to raise funds and awareness for your chapter. Charge admission for an all-you-can-eat event or have a fee per plate. This is a great fundraiser if you are able to get the food and utensils at donated or discounted from a local restaurant.

Campus Yard Sale

Host an end of the semester “yard sale” on campus. Set up donation bins around campus and encourage students, faculty, and staff to contribute lightly used clothing, books, furniture, or school supplies. Provide pickup services for larger items. Then organize a date to hold your “yard sale” on campus, with proceeds benefitting the StudentCPT.

Parents’ Night Out

Organize a “Parents’ Night Out” event for faculty and staff on campus. Reserve a spot on campus to host the event and plan fun activities for the children. Parents can drop their kids off and enjoy a night out while donating toward the creation of ethical leaders! Bonus points if you plan activities for the kids to teach ethics!

“Thon” Fundraisers

Hold a walk or dance-a-thon fundraiser on campus to support your StudentCPT. Reserve your school’s gym or an outdoor field for the event and set a time frame (8-12 hours is generally a good range). Charge an entrance fee or ask students to collect pledges from friends and family to participate. Make the event more fun by getting food and drink donations from local restaurants and prizes from area businesses. Be sure to promote some ethical leadership tips throughout the event!

StudentCPT Carnival

Hold a StudentCPT Carnival for students, University staff, and community members. Set up carnival games such as bottle toss, pin the tail on the donkey, balloon pop, bobbing for apples, corn hole, and more. Charge a general admittance or sell tickets to play games. You can also sell hot dogs, popcorn, and sodas.

Games and Tournaments

Coordinate an on-campus sports or game tournament. Sports tournament ideas include softball, volleyball, soccer, basketball, flag football, or powder puff. Game tournaments might consist of checkers, chess, Twister, foosball, darts, or scrabble. Be creative and combine several tournament ideas or create a new one! Charge admittance to players or teams and get prizes donated for winners. Invite fraternities, sororities, dorms and other student organizations to participate. Each winner moves to the next round until you’re down to the finals where one winner will take the overall prize.

Holiday Sales

Utilize the holidays to raise money for your StudentCPT by coming up with unique products to sell to students, faculty, and staff. Ideas include a holiday ornament sale and a Valentine’s Day flower sale. You can also organize candy-grams to be delivered during various holidays as well.

Penny Wars

Set up jars or buckets for each campus organization. Encourage members of the organization to put pennies in their organization’s jar for “positive points”. The twist is, silver coins (dimes, nickels and quarters) can be put in other organization’s jars to deduct points. The organization that collects the most “positive points” gets to split the winnings or can be rewarded with a pizza party!

Trivia Night/Family Feud

Register teams and charge an entrance fee. Host a trivia night or Family Feud. Ask local business to donate a prize for the winning team.