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CPT Launches New StudentCPT Chapter at University of Mount Olive

UMO StudentCPT Chapter Kickoff Meeting

The StudentCPT is proud to welcome the University of Mount Olive to the StudentCPT family. The University of Mount Olive is located in Mount Olive, North Carolina and represents the second StudentCPT chapter in North Carolina, along with North Carolina A&T.

Student leaders from the University of Mount Olive attended the 2016 and 2017 StudentCPT Leadership Conferences, and those experiences helped prepare them to lead their new chapter.

NASBA CPT Operations Director, Ryan Hirsch, served as the keynote speaker for this event and helped students understand why good intentions are not always enough to avoid becoming involved in ethical misconduct. Hirsch provided students will case examples of ethical dilemmas, challenged students to share how they would respond, then discussed the pros and cons of each response. The meeting concluded with an official induction of StudentCPT chapter officers.

The CPT is grateful for the support of NASBA Past Chair, Barton Baldwin, Bill Bryan, and the Mount Olive Pickle Company for all the support they provided in helping with the establishment of this chapter.