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NASBA CPT Upgrades Student Ethical Leadership Program

The NASBA Center for the Public Trust (CPT) is pleased to announce the launch of the updated Ethical Leadership Certification Program (ELCP) for college students. Originally introduced in 2014, the online, module-based program is designed to equip professors with an innovative way to teach business ethics and principles of ethical leadership, while educating students on how to detect and deter ethical pitfalls in business early in their careers.

In this newest release, professors and students will benefit from the program’s curriculum enhancements. These enhancements include the addition of updated imagery throughout the modules as well as the revision of the sixth training module, titled the Ethics Dash. Developed by Red Flag Mania, the new module provides an interactive and investigative case study experience for students. During the Ethics Dash, learners will watch a short film, review over 20 pieces of evidence, “red flag” suspicious activity and complete the fraud triangle framework for each culprit to achieve the ultimate goal of determining who committed the fraud.

“As our ELCP reach continues to expand across the collegiate landscape, we believe it is equally important to continually enhance our curriculum, to provide a more interactive and real-life experience for our student learners. Red Flag Mania is a leader in empowering learners through innovative, investigative experiences. The CPT is excited about this new partnership and the program enhancements. We hope professors and students will join in our excitement and take full advantage of the new program offerings,” said NASBA CPT President Alfonzo Alexander.

In addition to the program enhancements, the ELCP will also follow a new pricing model. Effective August 15, 2021, the program price per student will increase from $39.99 to $49.99. Professors who have already enrolled their fall 2021 classes will be grandfathered into the $39.99 per student rate. Class enrollments and individual enrollments received August 15 and thereafter will be enrolled at the $49.99 rate.

Since the program’s 2014 launch, over 15,000 students have completed the certification program, which includes a brief exam at the conclusion of each module. The CPT hopes the enhanced curriculum will encourage more colleges and universities to make the certification program available to their students. According to Alexander, the online curriculum is an excellent course supplement as student review sessions can be held throughout the semester, and professors can track student progress through weekly reporting.

In turn, students who complete the program will greatly benefit from increased marketability to employers, enhanced leadership skills and greater understanding of ethical leadership and techniques for eliminating ethical conflicts.

To learn more about the CPT’s Student Ethical Leadership Certification Program and how to offer the curriculum on your campus, email [email protected].